Oct 31, 2010


i have relocated to Atlanta GA, and life is GRAND. i have had so many opportunities. it's amazing. everything about it. i haven't met any cool people yet...BUT i was in a Tv Series. MTV's Teen Wolf and more to come. i have had a lot of photography opportunities as well . Slowly but surly, everything is coming together. 

Sep 24, 2010

Don't believe the lies ,

please don't be scared of me.
hey, whats up? i've finally gotten to Atlanta. i'm here! :) so far it's good, nothing major. Tonight is friday night and i'm doing absolutely nothing. Today was an okay day, hung out w/ family. i don't start school until Oct. 4th so i'm chilling until then. but yea, im fine. so i'll check back in later. 

Sep 20, 2010


Tomorrow is THE day,  i move to Atlanta and i promised you, and myself that would update you guys weekly on my accomplishments and goals. As of right now my ONE goal is to get a job. i need one bad. i prefer to get one doing photography, amateur magazine company maybe.... you're probably thinking - thats pretty BIG.- but thats the only way i can think right now. i have made it thus far and i can not stop. i am looking forward to meeting new people and networking a lot more, i am convinced thats " its always not what you know, but simply who you know. " and thats the truth, i am very determined you guys and i would love all of you to jump on my train, or move out the way.... because i am NOT stopping. I have been working strongly and hard behind the lens of my nikon, and i am trying to build a website, so if any of you know anything.. let me know. thank you. Here are a few shots that i've taken this past few days enjoy? 

i have alot of more shots, but my quality is being distorted.. and that isn't dope. 


Sep 16, 2010


* sips cup of water. - where do i begin? LIFE. - shakes head repeatedly

WOW. i miss you all. and when i start school, in ATL :) i will update you guys weekly, i promise.
i've made some major decisions in my life, as far as education and family wise. i weeded everyone out my life that wasn't there to help, it's been hard but well worth it. i start classes Oct.4th my flight leave this Tuesday :) at 2:08 
life is GRAND.

Aug 21, 2010

The Man on The Moon

Hello everyone! it's been so long! my life has been pretty hectic. i've bee doing my photography thing so i've been quite the busy bee! i'm back from my vacations. i've decided to attend AI in Atlanta so i will be moving soon! like the end of Sept. im 19 years old now and im doing things w/ my life. i have rooted out all the non-supporters in my life including my own mother. it's depressing but it's life and i have no choice but to deal with it. i'm still obsessed with drakes new album! i'm waiting on Kanye's though. if you wanna reach me here's my flickr 

http://www.flickr.com/photos/cooliofressh/  here's my twitter as well  www.twitter.com/cooliofressh 

feel free to contact me :) 
here's a few pictures i've taken! 

Model : Shamika 
Location: Apopka fl.

Model : Brittany Warren 
Location : Orlando fl.

okay i'm not gonna post many pictures on here. 
but other than that my life has been quite the life. it's been interesting.. very. i'd love to see who's in my life in a few more months!

Aug 11, 2010

Miss youu.

yes, i do. like a lot. i told you i'd stop neglecting you as much. sorry. but i'm 19 years old Now. (: school is right around the corner and today is my twins sisters birthday! their 18. this is gonna be a quick post thoughh. i've been great. had a shoot yesterday it went amazing! im debating weather i should return to Miami or relocate to Atlanta. thoughts though, im leaning towards ATL more though.

These are a few of the shots from the shoot yesterday, i told you guys i wasn't gonna use my blog for my photography purposes =, so i'm not gonna over crowd my blog w/ pictures like this. 
haha, but yeaa :D im stoked though.

Aug 5, 2010

Its My Birthdayyyyyy

sooooo last night i invited a few friends over to help bring in my birthday.. #Success

Jul 18, 2010


hi, i'm the owner of this Joint and im 18 years old. been running this for awhile now, and don't think i'm letting this go no time soon. I use to revolve this blog about fashion and whatnot. but nahhhh im good. this is about me & my life and what i go through, but just a little bit more detailed than my Tumblr. i love blogger.  i recently started my photography and stuff so look out for that, my 19th birthday is in like 3 weeks look out for that too. My life has been crazy though, so thats why im blogging n' shit. keep up!

Jul 16, 2010

The smoke is getting blown, the drinks are getting strong.

 " girl, you say you feel us fading...well me too " 

i miss you blogger. like truly.  My vacation in ATL thus far has been bomb. shopped a little and explored new places. I also met a few cool people.  My 19th Birthday is coming up, like REALLY soon. not quite sure of what im gonna do though. My photography & editing skills have been getting better to. I can't wait to actually set up some shoots when i get home. Well i leave for Chicago July 24th im pretty stoked for thus trip, being the fact that i've never been. 

& i've also been shooting black & white Photographs. There's a meaning behind them, im not just  "doing" it. im just so confused w/ my life right now. no bad confusion just confusion if that makes sense. im not sure if it does.. but i mean yea you guys have to feel me. like i just got out of a relationship and it's like im not even hurt by it. like at all. usually i'd be heart broken, like i thought i was in love and for me to not be hurt and not even think about the pass is weird.... Maybe i just was putting on a front. i thought i liked her though, so who am i to say. butttt now it's like i feel for another person, like a deep feel. im just kinda scared... should i be though like i trust it, i just don't wanna be lied to you know.. girls lie worst than guys sometimes. i guess i'l just play it out and just play my cards don't think much on it. JUST DO IT. you know, like whatever body is telling me. it's just a lot. 

then i feel like my "Friends" are slowly fading off, we don't talk like we use too. i don't like that, in fact i hate that. i wish they'd all just come together and we could all be cool again, you know but maybe thats just wishful thinking?

Thenn it's YOU, like wow. i like you alot.... and you say your digging me too, but im so use just talking to whoever i'm w/ or dating anytime i want. w/ you it's not like that. i don't like it. i feel like there's a limit being put on. then when we do talk it's like a 12:00pm.. i'm about sleeep then. i try & stay up as long as possible, but however it isn't long. i mean i just wish i could talk/text you whenever i want i mean since i can't see you when i want, am i wrong for that? i don't think i am. but then again, now w/ you but with everyone else.. im always wrong...

&&& all the girls that are trying to come back into my life. im good. your fine. we didn't make it for a reason. " people never change " and i learned this the HARD way. so just stay in your lane. for now on.. it's one chance. not going back and trying to fix the past.

-----inspired by Drake's " Im a do it all " . 

Jul 11, 2010

One w/ nature.

heyy, whats going on! i'm defiantly in Atlanta for a couple weeks, i took these photos today,i was very proud myself. this creek is like a two minutes across the street. i had fun doing this shoot. i wish i had some models thoughh. :\. But yea this is me. i guess i'll have to do for now lol.

Jul 9, 2010


smile brighter than the sun

eyelashes are dry, from all the tears that i cried. 
todayy, i went to the mall & bought this shirt :P 
Pacsun i love you.

Jul 8, 2010

follow me on Tumblr. 



want you come over my place, and put a smile on my face.

whoaaa there baby. :P pool side earlier today.

BTW; i Made a tumblr. Follow me.

New Me.

These past few days in Miami have been so hectic! but it's help me out for the better. im now stronger & more focused on life. it feels great to know i have these trips coming up, all in ONE month. i'm stoked. i leave For Atlanta Saturday & Chicago July 23rd ;) 

better news though, I purchased my NEW Nikon D3000 :P so expect more pictures lol. i'm thinking about making an new blog, like a photo blog or something just to show what i can do. or what i've been doing. here's a picture that i took w/ it. 
"real nigga talking, shut the fuck up hoe. " 
i'm in love w/ it though. it takes amazing pictures. i can't wait to take pictures w/ it in Atlanta & Chicago. i'll keep you guys updated though i promise. god is love,:D byee.

Jul 6, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July!

sorry i'm soo late. like two days late. my fourth of July was Amazing. because i was home. i love being around people that i love, it makes me re-think life. if that makes sense lol. well here's a few pictures of how the night went. 
BTW, i have enough money to buy Me a NIKON :D 
this MAY turn into a picture/photography blog lol. 

Happy Fourth Of Julyyy [ Late ]

Jun 12, 2010

So Far This Summer....

  • I've had 2 Job opportunities. 
  • I've gotten addicted to Fitted Caps
  • DRAKE 
  • Red
  • Saved some $$$$$
  • Grown Wiser. 
  • Bought An iPhone
  • Addicted to Twitter (@cooliofressh)
  • Met Some COOL ass people
  • ALDO accessories 
  • South Beach 
  • Higher Standards
  • AIU 
  • Haven't gone Shopping 
Twin sisters & Grandmother
- My twin sisters graduated, i hated that i couldn't make it. im PROUD :D. 

" if Amazing was a young bitch, then i'd be going to jail
because i'm fucking amazinggg."

i love this sweater. #thatisall 

" my shirt ain't got no stripes, but i can make that pussy whistle."

Young $$$ that is all. 

Jun 6, 2010


yes, i created a flickr check it out. 


Jun 4, 2010

Yea, the SUMMER me. check me outtt

i took these picture tonight, :]

this happens to be my favorite out the set.
stole these 3D glasses from "Shrek 3D" 
GREAT movie Btw; 
"do the roar,do the roar!"

May 16, 2010

Amazingggg. :]

i found this guy on Youtube, he's amazing!
"hotlikebraodway" - look him up!

May 14, 2010

Hmm, Feels like summer to me!

Mannn, life's GREAT! i have some great friends and as my week of summer slowly winds down, and summer school rushes towards me i must say I'm gonna miss you. the beaches, the "exclusive" dinners,bowling, the prank calls, the late nights a Mcdonalds, the random dance sessions, the #Thuglife moments! haha,Walking on water,and ice cream socials i wouldn't have had it any other way.
Vivalashanyce :] i love this girl. 
Olivia,Beebe & i. Random nights in Uptown Altamonte, "walking on water."

This food was amazing!
@Cooliofressh , @Briannadusk , Livie & Kedassh!
My sister! :]
My friends, their Amazing!

i looked ROUGH! 
Dash, the only nigga that has my back!


"bitch i'm amazing"
well, that pretty much includes my week well spent here in orlando, i'll miss everything.
back to miami!

May 9, 2010

This Lady Right HERE!

is my mother. she means the world to me. 

May 2, 2010

Girls in Miami, String Bikini's & Bump Techno!

Beachhhhhhhhhhhhh ROUND2 :) "Hollywood Beach BarbQ." 
Ammmzinggggg :) 
Yesterday, i went to hollywood Beach in Miami Fl. f'n GREAT. in Miami there's never not a beach day. welp here's a few pictures that were taken. not by me though ;) Enjoy.

:) yes, i had on jeans lol. but idc!

these are just a couple of the AMAZING people that i hung out with, i met A LOT of cool people yesterday, everybody was just so chill & welcoming!

"im just a kid, livin' the dream."

i attempted to do a handstand, well.... it went wrong! lol

some take his picture, so i won't forget him. i wish i had my Polaroid, so i could remember.
but to yea, yesterday was a BLAST, and i'm glad i went. Summer2010 :)