Sep 24, 2010

Don't believe the lies ,

please don't be scared of me.
hey, whats up? i've finally gotten to Atlanta. i'm here! :) so far it's good, nothing major. Tonight is friday night and i'm doing absolutely nothing. Today was an okay day, hung out w/ family. i don't start school until Oct. 4th so i'm chilling until then. but yea, im fine. so i'll check back in later. 

Sep 20, 2010


Tomorrow is THE day,  i move to Atlanta and i promised you, and myself that would update you guys weekly on my accomplishments and goals. As of right now my ONE goal is to get a job. i need one bad. i prefer to get one doing photography, amateur magazine company maybe.... you're probably thinking - thats pretty BIG.- but thats the only way i can think right now. i have made it thus far and i can not stop. i am looking forward to meeting new people and networking a lot more, i am convinced thats " its always not what you know, but simply who you know. " and thats the truth, i am very determined you guys and i would love all of you to jump on my train, or move out the way.... because i am NOT stopping. I have been working strongly and hard behind the lens of my nikon, and i am trying to build a website, so if any of you know anything.. let me know. thank you. Here are a few shots that i've taken this past few days enjoy? 

i have alot of more shots, but my quality is being distorted.. and that isn't dope.

Sep 16, 2010


* sips cup of water. - where do i begin? LIFE. - shakes head repeatedly

WOW. i miss you all. and when i start school, in ATL :) i will update you guys weekly, i promise.
i've made some major decisions in my life, as far as education and family wise. i weeded everyone out my life that wasn't there to help, it's been hard but well worth it. i start classes Oct.4th my flight leave this Tuesday :) at 2:08 
life is GRAND.