Apr 17, 2012


Ain't nothing worst than getting hurt by the one you love, It makes you not want to love anymore. Love can be the scariest thing, ever... It makes you think, what If, What If that person that you love, the person that you'd give and change anything for suddenly drops you.. Theres no worst feeling than that feeling. Love is like a sun, so bright, so large, so beautiful....but the fact that it can burn and scar you for life is devastating. I'm laying in bed trying to over think this, trying not to think about you...but what if it's gotten to the point where you've become one of my main focuses in life? They say you shouldn't put people first in your life, we all know that isn't in our control. Emotions are so powerful. You never see them coming, you just get to see them go. To Be honest, I'm scared. I'm scared of losing you. I'm scaring of waking up and you not being in my life.... If I could control this it wouldn't be this way. You'd be in the same spot where I am in your heart. You've left me speechless after these words, "I'm allowed to date other people" Yes, 6 words that ruined my whole mindset. 6 words that pinched my whole outlook on us. 6 words that has disorganized all 121 days of knowing you. 121 days, 4 months, 2998 hours of knowing you. Yes, it has been a pleasure, but what happens when the one you love isn't in the same level as you? You don't want to move on because you don't want to see life without them.... I don't know, its, 3:48am and you're on my mind. I'm really lost.... I don't know what to do.