Nov 8, 2011

Hello? Where on earth is Cooliofressh?

Hi!! I’m sorry everyone! I have been so busy with like, everything. I’m not back to posting every week like I was for awhile, but Im just here to update everyone up on whats been going on.. to sum it up, COLLEGE. Here are a few photos. Basically I have been studying, Drinking, school activities and just hanging out with friends, I also got a New iPhone :)

Sep 22, 2011

Experince this.

When you’re dating someone, it’s probably one of the most scariest things ever. You’re basically giving them permission to break the most valuable thing you have.. your heart. I hate that I fall so fast. This has been one of the worst experiences I have ever dealt with. I finally actually care about someone and they just up and leave and ignore me like I’m some empty shoe box in the closet. I hate this feeling. 

Sep 19, 2011

For the first time.

I’m actually feeling like I can count on you. Thats usually not that easy for me. I hate deepening on people, I haven’t even known you long enough, and thats okay. My walls are slowly crumbling down and I’m not even mad. This feeling is great, the dates are amazing memories, the kisses are incredible. I don’t wan an loose you because for the first time, i finally feel like Shawn and not cooliofressh when i’m with you... 

Sep 10, 2011

Never Mind, I’ll find someone like you.

These past few days have been overly stressful, For no fucking reason. Its one of the reason why I hate getting to know people, I always get too attached to them for no other fucking reason besides they make me smile. I hate that about myself. It drives me crazy, That feeling when you know it’s bot going right and you just don’t know what to do with your day because god knows what. I wanna just throw in the towel, but it’s hard as shit when you actually like someone. All i want to do is smile. I can’t though, which sucks because you’re the only that usually makes me smile. I don’t know whats going on between you & I, all I know is that I want tit to be how it use to be, you know like the other day :(  I hate letting people know how i feel because of this. It allows them to tear me down. 

Sep 3, 2011


I'm writing about this because I just recently put away my pride for a second, so I wanted to write about it a little bit.


a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.
the state or feeling of being proud.
a becoming or dignified sense of what is due to oneself or one's position or character; self-respect; self-esteem.
pleasure or satisfaction taken in something done by or belonging to oneself or believed to reflect credit upon oneself: civic pride.
something that causes a person or persons to be proud: His art collection was the pride of the family.
This 5 letter word has such a huge impact on our life, relationship and problems. It scares me how much pride some people have sometime, me being a Leo, I also have a lot. I recently learned to put it away for a second so you won't loose what you want. Pride is an amazing thing to have and I  and sorry for the people that don't have this quality. The word pride has destroyed so many happy home and relationships, It's crazy. I don't see how people let it get that far where it's to the point where you're just stubborn. Even though the person may be wrong, Just be the bigger person talk first... I'd rather try to work it out instead of loosing everything. You don't have to get to the point where you're just a pushover, just to a certain extent. :/ I'm all out though, this was just a pointless post lol. 

Weekend @ FIU

So, This labor day weekend I got the opportunity to spend time with one of my bestfriends, Alex. It's not quite over yet, However I just want to blog about it. It's going very well right now. She has introduced me to several of her friends around campus. DOPE SHIT, bruh. I took a few photos enjoy, I'll update later with more of them.

Aug 28, 2011


I finally moved into my dorm. I’m pretty stoked. I end up getting my own room, how amazing is that? I can walk around in my underwear if i’d like. :P I didn’t really take pictures of the walls and stuff, Just some of my items, the object and stuff. Are any of my followers in college? Do any of you have any great Dorm Room Idea’s I need some stuff to do with the walls?

Aug 24, 2011

I want things to go my way, as of late a lot of shit been going sideways,

SO many things have happened in the last hour or so. I cried, i haven’t cried in like.. I don’t know, I can’t even remember. It’s horrible. Things aren’t going right with school and it’s really killing me. I wanted to be in school this semester so bad and to be honest, I don’t see it. It looks like I will be on the next flight out. I don’t know what to do with my life, until next spring. I’m just lost. I don’t know. I have a headache, I deleted my Tumblr, I deleted my Facebook as well. I really just don’t know... This isn’t like me. I usually always know what to do to some extent. I guess i’ll just wait. 

Aug 22, 2011


I have made it back to Miami, Today is my first day of class I’m just kinda waiting around until listening t a few albums, catching up and people watching. :D everyone enjoy your day! I’ll update again tonight.

Aug 17, 2011

Modern Day Hippies.

This was on of my favorites shoots, ever. I did it in the rain, How dope? It came out so great! It took over a month to get everything pre-pared Im just glad we finished it up. Here’s a few shots!

Aug 16, 2011

My summer ‘10

I ended up being on about 5 flights, beyond amazing. I went to Chicago and Atlanta and back to Atlanta, I love planes. Here’s so pictures. 

Aug 15, 2011

Change of Style?

Style isn’t very important for me anymore although, It has changed so much through the years. Here are is a small collage of noticeable changes. Right now, I have this really professional/bummy look going on now, and I wearTank Tops nearly everyday, I have so many of them! It’s crazy my new obesseion.  

Aug 14, 2011

Watch The Throne Review.

It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed. This album is BEYOND fucking amazing. Kanye & Jay did freaking spectacular. I bought it a few days before the actual release date on iTunes. Ye’ has came so far. If you guys haven’t got this album I suggest you do, very, very soon! I give this album 5 stars. The only song i don’t enjoy as much as the others is “joy”. 

Watch The Throne top Songs
  • Why I love you
  • Lift Off
  • Nigga’s In Paris
  • New day
  • Made in America 
The reason why, Why I love you is MY favorite is because of the amazing message and message it displays. It shows how close Ye’ and Jay are.  Lift off Is just amazing because of Beyonce’s chorus amazing, she’s such an amazing artist. Nigga’s In Paris gets me so hype! I love it aha. New Day Is great because it shows the soft side of Ye’ and he shows that he knows he’s an asshole and he know he has down some wrong. it’s always great to show people that you’re wrong and that you’ve changed. Made in America is dope because of Frank Ocean. I will do a post on him sometime this week.

Friends over lovers.

Well. last night was CRAY! (meaning crazy;mostly known by avid Watch The Throne Listeners)
Well me & this girl had been friends for a while now. She’s amazing. She’s smart, funny and all of that. I like her ONLY as a friend though. :/ and unfortunately she liked me more. This tends to happen to me a lot, it’s crazy..but yeah, I;m gonna take it back to a couple nights ago. She had told me that she like due more than a friend. ( not to mention, she has said this before, a few months ago) I told her that I didn’t see her like that. She took it “well”. People tend to have different ways of making themselves feel better, I guess her was bashing me on Twitter and Facebook, without quite using my name..However I knew it was bout me. I let it slide, the next morning i sent her a text.. “ I don’t think we should continue our friendship” she flipppppped. I thought this was what was good for us. She kindly asked me to explain myself, I told her i would call her sometime tonight and we would talk.. so about 9:30 that nigh, she sent me a text asking if I could call her now, I told her i couldn’t. I was busy. She then told me NOT to call her at all anymore. I said “cool”. Then thats when she started cursing me out.. it was crazy. I could’t believe her character. She steadily said “fuck you, BITCH” “Pussy” "FUK U”. Also calling our friendship, “fake”.

I couldn’t believe it. well yeah we’re not friends anymore. So I guess it’s a good thing. 

Go, Shawny, it’s your Birthday!

I’m back, for good.

Hey! I;m really excited about launching my blogger back! it has been far too long. So much has changed. I can’t wait to keep you guys updated and all that great stuff! I’ll try and posted 3 times week with mor e personal items than my tumblr.  Thank you for following me!
3 years strong!
That’s pretty much the biggest part, of whats been happening, it feels like forever.