Sep 10, 2011

Never Mind, I’ll find someone like you.

These past few days have been overly stressful, For no fucking reason. Its one of the reason why I hate getting to know people, I always get too attached to them for no other fucking reason besides they make me smile. I hate that about myself. It drives me crazy, That feeling when you know it’s bot going right and you just don’t know what to do with your day because god knows what. I wanna just throw in the towel, but it’s hard as shit when you actually like someone. All i want to do is smile. I can’t though, which sucks because you’re the only that usually makes me smile. I don’t know whats going on between you & I, all I know is that I want tit to be how it use to be, you know like the other day :(  I hate letting people know how i feel because of this. It allows them to tear me down. 

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