Nov 30, 2009

Thanksgiving breakkk. :]

Okayyyy, i was planning on having thiss HUGGE thanksgiving post, butt yeaaa not really. lol. but overall i had a really chilll thanksgiving, kinda just hung out with grandmother was home from the hospital so that's always good! :] i love her. thanks everyone for all of your prayers. i didn't eat much at all. which is good i guess. lol. but then again im Really skinny soo yeaa .i did however make friends with my sister arie again, much needed. i realized that thanksgiving is for family and friends and i'm glad everything worked out like it did. here's a few picss. :]

-Cousin Guysen's Super Bowl Game Undefeated season! They Won!

he's the one with the blue shirt on, the small one. GOOD JOB!

Theeeeen we decided to throw a bonfire " party" :) it went pretty swell.

Haaaa, i tried to be like Micheal Jackson, Hmm didn't really work out much at all.
I like channel earrings, what can i say. - Coronation gift from grandmother!
"Wellllp, that's all folks! "- Bugs Bunny

Nov 29, 2009

Friendsssss, Plus one!

My Last Night In Orlando, Before Christmas Break. :] went pretty spiffy,i had a good time with these people.
[left to right]
Shawn(Me),Ayana,Qaree,Kedassh,Brianna(twin 1),Payton,Arianna(twin 2)
--even though i got fourth place in the bowling match,we ALL knew ayana cheated.

Here's the Pluss one (: she's a bit more than just a friend.

Nov 19, 2009

" && You'll always be my thunder. "

-Boys like girls.

thissss happens to be my thunder. Beebe. she's sooooo aweosme, she's funny, smart and coool. :) everything about her make sme laugh. she has a really good personality as well. :) i've known her since god knows when, and i will never forget her. and all of our memories. btw; she has a blogg too. look on my blog links. (:

Nov 17, 2009

Happy Birthdayyyy

To my sister jadaaaaaa :)
Nov. 17 . 2009 hat to get it in before 12:01

Nov 16, 2009

Finally :]

Jason Reeves have finally got a few new songs!
:) im happy. Jason Reeves Is Awesome.

Nov 12, 2009

Addiction :]

Soooo, It's been a few days, haa i'm finally on my pc.i have been on The Sims 3 , for hours "/ i have no social life. lol. it's my current addiction and i love it. if you already haven't bout it...Get it! it's ( ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmazinggg) on all counts! here's a few screenshots from the game. that's me ( with the green sim bar) Pretty cool huh?!

Nov 8, 2009

Bordemm 10xxxxxx300.

Random things that kept me happy this weekend, and im really bored, and some of the pictures that i didn't add from this weekend. F'n Enjoy .

Me & Reginaaa, she keep's me sanee.

Kloe & i .

Newww dogg , :D Rocky

okayy, she told me NOT to put this picture up lmao. but she'll be alrightt because i like it.

Hoooters :]

Probaly on my best friends dassh!

lifeee beyondd Florida Memorial :D

Omgggggg, my weeekend has been quite incredible With most AMAZINGGGGG friends, there awesome, there Funny, and they have my back ") . well im gonna start with friday night. Me and Pal - (1.a very close, intimate friend; comrade; chum.) Ayana Campbell,the owner of Ayanalovesfashion here at blogspot. she's really cool, Smart,funny & Cute. well yeaaa friday night went quite swell we seen the Micheal jackson film "This Is It" it was okayy,not really a big fan of MJ but heyy. we connected on a good level, made me like her even more. i personally think were gonna finally take it up a notch . :) hopefully, but everthing went fineeee .she means alotttt to me, made me really happy lol. after the movie we ended spending atlease two hours in the parking lot. chatting,making jokes and just enjoying the moment since i'm in miami and she's wayyy in orlando.(31/2 hour ) drive. i trust her and i hope she trusts me.well overall the date went good thennnn saturday Night :D had a blasst as well i got to hang out with Shanyee,Nikki,Beeebe,Olivia,Kedassh and reginaa. There F'n Amaaazinggg omgg they know how to have a good time.We started off at Altamonte Mall to see "Paranormal Activity" i really didn't have my id. Fccck. lol. so i couldn't even get in. so likee we decided to go to Hooters, for the first time. ( well minee ) it was great. everything about the atmosphere was good. the sexxxy ladies :D and the "okay" food. lol. i had a blasst though you guys. the parking lot WOWW so many quotes lmao. "i just bend over and UHG" lmao the random YMCA dances(Regina) lol. the drunk asians.the tyde uniforms the extremmme tip then she drives off in a BMW,ughh lol. Kedassh's INSANEEE driving. lol. the random pictures at the red light, the random transformers mask. haaaa. this weekend was beyond rememerable you. guys, My FIRST college date ;) . ahh im gonna miss you guys even though im only gonna be gone for two weeks. lol it's just the fact that we haven't hung put in soo longg then all of a sudden we have a fullll blassst, haa well you guys tonight is sunday and were hanging out again i really hope tonight brings the sameee kinda joy it did this past weekend, it also made me realize that i don't really need my friends in Miami, i have you guys, i don't there word, i have yours. Regina you worked so hard to make sur ei was happy this whollleeeee weekend and i want to thank you for that. I really can't wait to see you guys again,which once again should be reallyyy soon. like thanksgiving break and were gonna hang out so much....that it's gonna be ridiculous. :D god is love, rev smith. -

Nov 5, 2009

To one of the best ladies in my life. <3

Happpppy Birthday Grandmother, i love you!!

Nov 4, 2009


As im sitting here eating my main college source of food (Roman Noodles) i wa sthinking about my life, it's been overall good.A few mistakes here and there but who hasn't? Well today i was "suppose" to be packing to head for orlando,as you guys know i live in miami now for school. well once a f'n gain. my father dissapoints me. i think to myself i should be use to this. Countless birthdays,christmas,prom(s),Coronation,first day of college ect. your'e probaly now thinking "he's a fool" but nahh. He's my father. i have no choice but to love him. He makes it so hard for me to do so thoughhh. I ask myself each time why do you have to lie to? You haven't done anything for me since elementry school. You could atlease do this one thing,Just pick me up from school and drive me back home. Better yet, i didn't even ask you Voulenteered.Your just making it harder for me to trust and love you as a father. you were great as my father when i was a child. now i can't even get five dollars to get a meal from mcdonalds. "/ im just tiredof your dissapointments.