Nov 19, 2009

" && You'll always be my thunder. "

-Boys like girls.

thissss happens to be my thunder. Beebe. she's sooooo aweosme, she's funny, smart and coool. :) everything about her make sme laugh. she has a really good personality as well. :) i've known her since god knows when, and i will never forget her. and all of our memories. btw; she has a blogg too. look on my blog links. (:


  1. awhhhhhh! Boo I love you! I know I tell you that all the time. But it's trueeee. I don't know what I would do without you. And all our memories. I'm so glad that we have stayed strong though out middle & high on to college. & I can't wait till the day you come back & attend UCF with mee!

  2. :] thanks beeebe, geessh can't wait til we hang out again! and take even more pictures lol. this time with kelly included haa!