Aug 24, 2009


random shXXT

"i love college"
--good ass songg bro

i have skype!

i go live every now and again!

i live in miami,my mom has yet sent my itouch

im talking to alexias right about now.i just gave her my number.
she's cool people,maybe a new text buddy.haa

Miami is great when it isnt raining. "/

My new friend Shaundra is GREAT!


i been so busy with college & stuff i haven't really been able to update anything on my page,so please bare with me.but other than that college is great today was my first day & it's a rainy one too.:| but outt.

Aug 19, 2009

College Pt.1

So being the fact that i am officially a college student why not post a blog about?im currently sitting @ my dessk texting my homie kedassh & finally getting the music off of my flashdrive to my new Laptop which btw is pretty facinating! so yeaa haa :) haven't quite got the hang of it, but it dosen't take me yea college so far has been quite the expirence today i took an english test & did "exceptionally" well so they gave me three college credits,they said it was very rare :D im going places.i was pretty proud of myself and so wa smy mother that i love so mucch :).i also wanna thank her for preparing me for such a great life, i know i can do it with her an dmy family on my side!btw all these photo's are from my new webcam! :) i do have skype & ustream as well so yeaa look out for thoes brodcast! haa.sorry im jumping around everywhere because i haven't did an "real" update in awhile.haa.sooi went to this party a few days ago f'n was so much going on and yeaa orlando parties have nothing on these down was great wll the greeks and people doing there definetly gonna be a kappa.five or six people have said i belong to kappa.already lmao. so yeaa im pretty participate in everything and i'm also running for freshman class president to! so i will keep you updated on that too! if i decide to atually go through with it.well my room mate is pretty awesome too met quite a few people.even though i really miss all my orlando friends :|.but i'll be okay my mother raised my right.well until then seee ya!

Aug 15, 2009

My dorrrm[soo far]

soo today i moved into my dorm,these pictures were tooken by my sister bare with me haaa :)

Picture story linee//casinoo & beyondd[first day in miami.]

Aug 14, 2009


okay so it's Friday the fourteenth and im definitely starting my new life as a college kidd. haa :D kinda happy but kinda sad.

so this what i'll prolly be living off of for a bit.i love sams club!

Aug 11, 2009

Packin' Eh?

I never said it was easy but WTF?! im finally finished 10:34am-9:14pm


As im sitting here packing for college i glanced over at my 09 yearbook & of course picked it up. :( bad sitting here reading all the wonderful comments my friends wrote through the pages, some more meaningful than gonna miss every thing. :|, the few people, English Pre Ap,Marine Biology & Scahill.Wow i had some of my best moments in high school...from getting Almost shot,Skipping right outside the front door lol,food fights,all the crazy girls :D & the Friday night Football games.Back then it was nothing but now that i look back im gonna miss it,i should have took more pictures,went to homecoming & just participated a bit more.well life moves on & it just another chapter in im looking forward for now on.

Aug 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Twin Sister's!

Well incase you guys didn't know i have twin sisters & today is there birthdayy soo,


so it's late & crap im just thinking that im not gonna get the barbell piercing.not yet at lease.

Aug.8 & beyonddd

So as you can see i definitely have a "back to school" sorta look lol,it's pretty plain compared to the rest of my blog headers but change is good!

WELP! yeaa nothing's really changed much,im getting a barbel piercing tomorrow hopefully with my new! friend.if you guys don't what that is thennnn look to the right.yeaa i think there pretty cool,even though most of my African American friends are totally against it,lol I'm still gonna do it.i also got ACCEPTED to Florida Memorial University today and got all of my dorm stuff together.So yeaa i will be moving to Miami in the next week or so.I will keep everyone updated i promise.

new look?

yess coming soon.

Aug 7, 2009

Life since Wed.

Right now i am definitely sitting on my hard A&& hotel bed updating you guys on my life.which for starters have been extremely well!! met new people & just been enjoying my first few days of being 18.well here's some of the flicks i promised you guys. eat your heart out.[before there's any misconception,yes my white tee is polo kedassh lmao.]

-----Theses photo's were from my bday night.^^^^
& theses are just a few pictures from summer vacation w/ family,more to come.

okay when i first saw this shirt with my friend R$ i figured i had to have it lmao,it was pretty cheap as well :) it says "i run my blockk"---Journeys20$
Muscle shirt|| i call it my jerk shirt lol---PacSun15$
This shirt was pretty nice & i love his music.! :)---Hottopic20$.

---this is just a view from the third floor this was a lot of fun!imagine four days here complete paradise to me.well anything near the water is paradise to well more pictures to come.

Aug 6, 2009

Birthday Wishes!

Yea, so yesterday went pretty well.i got lots of surprises throughout the day.They all were pretty Magnificent to no complaining there.The bowling alley was pretty fun but between all the excitement i forgot i had my camera in my pocket til afterwards. :| but thanks to Ayana & here GREAT! camera she happen to catch some of the excitement.haa well even though i lost to both games, i still managed to have fun thanks to everyone that showed up.haa i even met a new friend and she's quite the cool one. ;) well yea i also want to thank my mom & sister's for there birthday cards as well! but my sister Shania for time & effort.[supposedly] she lost her card before i came & she had to make a new one & i loved it thanks sister i love you! even though we fight & everyday!here's the card.

it really meant a lot.& yea once again thanks everyone!

Aug 5, 2009

"it's my birthdayy"

Finally i feel somewhat "Grown" :) today should be a blast though going bowling tonight @ egight with a few friends & then hangout later,but i'll keep you guys posted! but so far every things been going good! My grandmother made me this great Breakfast & thanks to my facebook friends & myspace friends uggh you guys are the best see everyone tonight!! pictures will be posted!

Aug 3, 2009

Want a banner made for your blog spot?!

Then Subscribe & sign your name heree :) & I'll do a random pick Sunday Night and whoever i pick I'll make a banner of your yeaa start!


Wow,My Big birthday is Wed.and it's unbelievable to me of what i have became, and what i have been through throughout my life.This roller coaster ride i call LIFE has been partly good and party bad, but hey no complaining.i have lived most of my life without my father, and shit ain't change.I am proud of everything i have become and so is my mother.i love her.that's why i dedicate this blog to her & all she's done for me.the expensive clothes,ipods,,senior stuff,all of it. i love you mother & without you I'd be nowhere,so when i get successful Look out for me! but you father Keep on moving.

Aug 2, 2009

New Design ?

Yess. :) finally huh? i was a bit tired of the other so yeaa this is the new design inspired by ayanaloves fashion check her out :)

tell me what you think!

Lasst Night!

Whooa there buddy, i had a blasst with my friends Beebe & Olivia Jones! there a pretty awesome pack.this is what we did.

first off we went to blockbuster to rent couple of movies but was slightly distracted by that horrific smell that greeted us at the door,omg it was like an old,very old fart ha.but between Olivia dancing through every isle through blockbuster or the smell i don't know which one was more hilarious,so we ended up renting "The Eye" and "The duplex" to great movies :D.

Then we went to McDonald for ice cream but apparently there machine breaks at 11:00pm every night.sureee. :| and i was crazy for some Ben & Jerry's all day every since Ayana brought it up late yesterday night.everything was close so blahh no icre cream for us.

so then we finally made it back her house i ate my 10piece nuggets and fries and of course my large sweet tea! while me & Olivia made Beebe's mom a card for being taxi last night! thankss again was pretty nice we didn't have any crayons so we used Pen :] and notebook paper lol.

lol,by the time it was 12:00am we finally settled down to watch the movies theeeeen lol we realized that blockbuster forgot to take off the security [so pissed] so i called blockbuster to tell them Shawn:"hey,what's up Danial this is Shawn,the black guy with the really nice swagg :]" Daniel:"oh, yea i remember you!" being so serious! lol i was like..blahh then he told us how to take it of we had to cut open the case with a knife.we were at it for at lease 10minutes then i finally cut it open.BAM! it was about 12:15am then..i fell asleep haa :) didn't even get 30minutes into the movie!

funny right?

Aug 1, 2009

"Live Forever"

Gym Class Heroes i give you your props,you guys made an awesome song! and an excellent's a pretty old album but i still love it "the quilt" uggh but it's this one song that always get's me "live forever" every time i listen to this song i almost get close to tears[no homo] lmao but it's true :] not ashamed at all.well yeaa if you haven't listen to this yet go! now!