Aug 7, 2009

Life since Wed.

Right now i am definitely sitting on my hard A&& hotel bed updating you guys on my life.which for starters have been extremely well!! met new people & just been enjoying my first few days of being 18.well here's some of the flicks i promised you guys. eat your heart out.[before there's any misconception,yes my white tee is polo kedassh lmao.]

-----Theses photo's were from my bday night.^^^^
& theses are just a few pictures from summer vacation w/ family,more to come.

okay when i first saw this shirt with my friend R$ i figured i had to have it lmao,it was pretty cheap as well :) it says "i run my blockk"---Journeys20$
Muscle shirt|| i call it my jerk shirt lol---PacSun15$
This shirt was pretty nice & i love his music.! :)---Hottopic20$.

---this is just a view from the third floor this was a lot of fun!imagine four days here complete paradise to me.well anything near the water is paradise to well more pictures to come.


  1. man i didnt know turning 18 would have such an effect...MANNN I cant wait till its my turn.

  2. idk maybe it's just me but it actually feels different.

  3. Ahaha, the Way We Talk was the second Maine song I listened to that made me like 'em a lotttttttt. First was I Wanna Love You.

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  5. When it comes to The Maine im a MANIAC! i love everything they do.

  6. i like the whole blogg set-upp.
    shiiit, shawn's turning heads.
    & happy belated birthday :)