Aug 11, 2009


As im sitting here packing for college i glanced over at my 09 yearbook & of course picked it up. :( bad sitting here reading all the wonderful comments my friends wrote through the pages, some more meaningful than gonna miss every thing. :|, the few people, English Pre Ap,Marine Biology & Scahill.Wow i had some of my best moments in high school...from getting Almost shot,Skipping right outside the front door lol,food fights,all the crazy girls :D & the Friday night Football games.Back then it was nothing but now that i look back im gonna miss it,i should have took more pictures,went to homecoming & just participated a bit more.well life moves on & it just another chapter in im looking forward for now on.

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  1. good luck!
    i heart your blog,
    i followed you
    hope you return the favor