Aug 19, 2009

College Pt.1

So being the fact that i am officially a college student why not post a blog about?im currently sitting @ my dessk texting my homie kedassh & finally getting the music off of my flashdrive to my new Laptop which btw is pretty facinating! so yeaa haa :) haven't quite got the hang of it, but it dosen't take me yea college so far has been quite the expirence today i took an english test & did "exceptionally" well so they gave me three college credits,they said it was very rare :D im going places.i was pretty proud of myself and so wa smy mother that i love so mucch :).i also wanna thank her for preparing me for such a great life, i know i can do it with her an dmy family on my side!btw all these photo's are from my new webcam! :) i do have skype & ustream as well so yeaa look out for thoes brodcast! haa.sorry im jumping around everywhere because i haven't did an "real" update in awhile.haa.sooi went to this party a few days ago f'n was so much going on and yeaa orlando parties have nothing on these down was great wll the greeks and people doing there definetly gonna be a kappa.five or six people have said i belong to kappa.already lmao. so yeaa im pretty participate in everything and i'm also running for freshman class president to! so i will keep you updated on that too! if i decide to atually go through with it.well my room mate is pretty awesome too met quite a few people.even though i really miss all my orlando friends :|.but i'll be okay my mother raised my right.well until then seee ya!

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  1. your phone is pretty awesome [or maybe 'cause I have the same one? ahahaha]

    but good job mayne. make all of us who are left here in apopka proud!