Sep 29, 2009

Twitter Addict.


Sep 28, 2009

High Off Life itself.

This post is just gonna be a bunch of random pictures,of different things and people that kept me occupied and have prolly made me really happy these past few months. :) They are as well a big inspiration without them/it i'd be losst thanks you guys!there isn't really an order.put yeaa comment niggaaa. :) life is wonderful!
--thanks everyone that left and stayed in my life. ;)

South Beacch Adventures :)

Where so i start? when you thinbk of miami you automatically think about south beach, the clubs and the nightlife,and i have FINALLY experinced it somewhat.An Budyy it's amazing the clubs,the music.THE BEACH,the stores :D uggh too bad i got there at three in the morning,so i couldn't shop like i wanted too.
lol but i did get to try the famous Jonny Rockects Milkshakes :) f'n awesome.

i finally felt the waves rush across my jeans :) it's been awhile since i been to the beach.that's the real reason i came to miami, lol even though im not 21 to get in the clubs i still had a blasst!

Sep 18, 2009


Heckk yess.My University is FULL of them,it's crazy here's my story.well im defintely in loveeee with urban outfitters,and im sure tens of millions of other people are too.It's crazy so one day me & my good friend [name] was at urban outfitters in miami[which in my opion is the besst!] spotted out there canvas sneakers.i have had my eyes on them for ahwile just never got the chance to get them.btw; this is her she's pretty Damn awesome.well back to my story so we both end up buying a pair.mostly because we liked them and no one really had them.[noone at our school atlease]So today we decided to wear them, & Geee what a sucess >:|, now the whole school is like omg, where did you get your shoes i want them.Wtf? get a swagg.ughh i hate bitters.there so annoying, i mean there not like "nikes" or anything but still. there hott.There's plenty of other shoes out there and im sure someone is gonna have the same thing on but dude,not theses.well here's a close up of our shoes.:)


Sep 17, 2009


A girlfriend, i don't really mention my love life at all.but this time i think it may be good. :].As im sitting in my dorm listning to co-star.i all of a sudden wnat a gf. someone that i can relate to. someone that isn't annoying as heck,a girl that can take my anger issues and put up with my bullshit.Someone that can also put up with my bad habits and my need for name brand items or listen to my "crazy" rock know someone simple.

i don't ask for much just a little bit a trust,someone that can see that im busy and just chill because deep inside they know that there all im thinking of.i need someone that can laugh to my sarcastic remarks and not cry about this or that or something your mom or dad did.someone who's soft but not fragile.someone to hold when i'm sick,the girl who dosent mind getting sick because she realizes that were one.i don't ask for much,just a some attention,a girl that calls me just to say i miss you,even if it's only been ten minutes since the last time we touched...i don't ask for much...

Sep 9, 2009

My skype Pets ;]

My skype pets ;], you can be one too just add me on skype.

i love them, there's more just can't find the key to unlock the jail. ;|

Hey Mamma'

"i know i acted a fool,& promised you i'd go back to school"

":] life has been pretty desent haven't had a update in awhile.for some odd reason my creative spark isn't catching on.i don't really know why but im sure it'll be back.well labor day weekend i went home for the first time in three weeks! pretty nice seeing everyone.i went to the apopka high school football game,pretty good game.saw a lot of familar faces some i wanted to see and some..not so much.Miami's still treating me great it's quite the experince.

i gotta new ipod. :] finally. itouch to be exact. his name is coolio the 3rd.
i haven't had any "real" pictures up lately because i don't have the piece for my camera,but when i do you'll be in shockk. :].

"heyy maa, lets slide"
---closing out. peacce.

Sep 1, 2009

Ayyye Buddy Rollin' Like A Big Shot!

Roooooooom :) yea, so basically i been feeling myself all day. :) tonight we had this pagent for miss freshman,and it went really kept my occupied the whole time.Which is quite well because i can't stand on stuff for too long.but other than that Miami has been treating me quite well.found a couple of good friends and i'm good!even though i have quite a few let down with a few robberies im finally back on a haircut & moneyy.i feel greattttt.well yea that's about it.