Sep 18, 2009


Heckk yess.My University is FULL of them,it's crazy here's my story.well im defintely in loveeee with urban outfitters,and im sure tens of millions of other people are too.It's crazy so one day me & my good friend [name] was at urban outfitters in miami[which in my opion is the besst!] spotted out there canvas sneakers.i have had my eyes on them for ahwile just never got the chance to get them.btw; this is her she's pretty Damn awesome.well back to my story so we both end up buying a pair.mostly because we liked them and no one really had them.[noone at our school atlease]So today we decided to wear them, & Geee what a sucess >:|, now the whole school is like omg, where did you get your shoes i want them.Wtf? get a swagg.ughh i hate bitters.there so annoying, i mean there not like "nikes" or anything but still. there hott.There's plenty of other shoes out there and im sure someone is gonna have the same thing on but dude,not theses.well here's a close up of our shoes.:)


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