Sep 9, 2009

Hey Mamma'

"i know i acted a fool,& promised you i'd go back to school"

":] life has been pretty desent haven't had a update in awhile.for some odd reason my creative spark isn't catching on.i don't really know why but im sure it'll be back.well labor day weekend i went home for the first time in three weeks! pretty nice seeing everyone.i went to the apopka high school football game,pretty good game.saw a lot of familar faces some i wanted to see and some..not so much.Miami's still treating me great it's quite the experince.

i gotta new ipod. :] finally. itouch to be exact. his name is coolio the 3rd.
i haven't had any "real" pictures up lately because i don't have the piece for my camera,but when i do you'll be in shockk. :].

"heyy maa, lets slide"
---closing out. peacce.

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