Sep 17, 2009


A girlfriend, i don't really mention my love life at all.but this time i think it may be good. :].As im sitting in my dorm listning to co-star.i all of a sudden wnat a gf. someone that i can relate to. someone that isn't annoying as heck,a girl that can take my anger issues and put up with my bullshit.Someone that can also put up with my bad habits and my need for name brand items or listen to my "crazy" rock know someone simple.

i don't ask for much just a little bit a trust,someone that can see that im busy and just chill because deep inside they know that there all im thinking of.i need someone that can laugh to my sarcastic remarks and not cry about this or that or something your mom or dad did.someone who's soft but not fragile.someone to hold when i'm sick,the girl who dosent mind getting sick because she realizes that were one.i don't ask for much,just a some attention,a girl that calls me just to say i miss you,even if it's only been ten minutes since the last time we touched...i don't ask for much...

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