Jan 28, 2010

So This Is Me..Flaws and ALL.

So this is me, I'm full of mistakes,i think highly of myself, i brush my teeth 4xx a day,if i don't have an haircut i will NOT go outside.. i suck at math.. i laugh at everything. i don't take people seriously. i take things for granted..people as well.I'm spoiled. i don't talk about my problems..i only have 4 real friends others are just there. i like to blog. girls are full of shit.. i like attention. I'm obsessed with camera's. i love polaroids.i take way too many picture... im full of flaws can you handle it ?

Jan 22, 2010

" Lost Love "

Not really. but however, i love this song tremendously, Trey Songz really did his thing with this Album.
" While you were sleep, i'd stare while you laid in my arms."

hola, everythings been going good these past few days. i haven't really made a post just about me lately,
so here it goes.. my school asked me to be in the 2010 Homecomming Fashion Show, :D & the Auction.
i'm pretty happy they wanted me to join them..maybe i do have good looks afterall. Other than that i gotta New Roomate, he's alright. life goes on. The Kappa Alpha Psi party got cancelled. "/ but whatever, i'd rather be with you guys anyway. :D . My Classes are extraaaa early thanks to Shawna! but it's all good.

"When the one you need, don't need you, what do you do?"
"Love Lost"
at this very moment i have that song on repeat, it's really good...well that's all folks!

Jan 21, 2010

" I was Taken Back, By The Time I Caught My Breath... "

Everyone who knows me, know my obession of the Maine.. one of my favorites.. listen! ANY other die hard fans?

Jan 19, 2010

The Fear.

Lily Allen : The Fear

yeah, this song in general is really good, and her voice is pretty catching, don't know who i got this from but it doesnt matter, just LISTEN. :)
it basically criticizes America and the celebrity life and the " dream " .

Jan 18, 2010

" It was monday night, i guess that makes it alright."

So, most of the night went qutite well. but i'm not gonna much into it.. but however i did love the fact that i could get all dressed up.. :)

i lovee, dressing up for some reason i always get this " James Bond " type  feeeling haha goodnight!
"it's 4am & i can't sleeep, her love is all that
i can see,memories made in the coldest winter."

When I saw this i fell in love with google. :)

This is amazing google, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day Everyone.

Jan 16, 2010

hmmm, Happy late birthday .


I was thinking about.

i just start taking pictures of random people and there terrible sense of style.. what do you guys think lol ?

Just Random People that don't get much attention, listen to them Speak!

So, After....

So after loonggg, longgg process of searching for blogger layouts i finally got one.. WHEW. lol well i think it's okay. comment on it.. i'm still working on a few kinks but it's all good.. tonight should be a good night!

Slide with your boy, i'm so electric

;) yess, i'm single .

Jan 12, 2010

Chris Brown's Graffiti

Cd is prettty amazing, i must say at first i was like " Nahh" but i can't keep it off repeat. lol
songgs of choice.
1.i'll go
th5.So Cold
thes select few songs are amazingggg!

Jan 11, 2010

Everythings Copasetic

not really, lol. well then again I'm high, but just off life. these couple days have been amazing. I've been high off life before but not like this. despite loosing my itouch in my house in Orlando. I'm still doing well.. it feels GREAT to be back in Miami, i miss everyone.

" She make the people say yeaaa. "

Jan 8, 2010

Kloee and I .


Goofy,I get bored wayy to easily

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Jan 7, 2010


" I wanna wake up in your arms, I'll do anything to make you feel complete. "

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Batman, Superman,Fantastic 4 & Shawn!

yess, that's Batman, Superman,Fantastic 4 & Shawn!
if you trust me, i can be anything you need.

Jan 6, 2010


yeaa, goofin' around in my cousins room ( KLOE ) lol

Random Thoughts . . . . . .

" & now i want you i can feel it in my heartbeat . "
" I wanna wake up I.Y.A "
hmm, i need to go to the mall and traget to get an iron, and some of thoes cupcakes..
i'm listning to "Graffiti" - Chris Browns New album
CRAWL!, til we can walk again.
- I'm eating biscuits, bacon & eggs.
Need to go to Thrifty Couture.
Transformm Yaaa
i have to talk my grandmother to the grocery store. OH JOY!
just came from the store, bought my granddad some ciggarette's.
haaa im bored, i tried to upload pcis.. they all FAILED!

wellll, this time it worked lol.

Don't remind me, i need a haricut lol. welll guysss.
Goodbye, Goodnight,Goodmorning, where ever you
are, Much love - Homework!