Jan 28, 2010

So This Is Me..Flaws and ALL.

So this is me, I'm full of mistakes,i think highly of myself, i brush my teeth 4xx a day,if i don't have an haircut i will NOT go outside.. i suck at math.. i laugh at everything. i don't take people seriously. i take things for granted..people as well.I'm spoiled. i don't talk about my problems..i only have 4 real friends others are just there. i like to blog. girls are full of shit.. i like attention. I'm obsessed with camera's. i love polaroids.i take way too many picture... im full of flaws can you handle it ?


  1. I fucks with it homie(jus started followin) check me out and follow me too(if you have time.. peace

  2. g shocccckkkkk

    keep em cuming. love it ! =]