Jan 22, 2010

" Lost Love "

Not really. but however, i love this song tremendously, Trey Songz really did his thing with this Album.
" While you were sleep, i'd stare while you laid in my arms."

hola, everythings been going good these past few days. i haven't really made a post just about me lately,
so here it goes.. my school asked me to be in the 2010 Homecomming Fashion Show, :D & the Auction.
i'm pretty happy they wanted me to join them..maybe i do have good looks afterall. Other than that i gotta New Roomate, he's alright. life goes on. The Kappa Alpha Psi party got cancelled. "/ but whatever, i'd rather be with you guys anyway. :D . My Classes are extraaaa early thanks to Shawna! but it's all good.

"When the one you need, don't need you, what do you do?"
"Love Lost"
at this very moment i have that song on repeat, it's really good...well that's all folks!


  1. U forgot to Mention that u ditched me on SKYPEEE <3

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