Jul 31, 2009

"count em one,two,three"

haa,being that im a new at this blogger thing,i been doing for about a month my counts are finally going up,for these past few days i been getting at lease 30 a day :) & that's the estimation so haa,im doing pretty good so please everyone keep it coming thanks Stephanie & Ayana & everyone else that has helped me thus far!

Jul 30, 2009

First to admit...

uggh,maybe I'll be the first to admit,but im sure a lot of 09' graduates are probably thinking the same thing, so im just gonna spell it out! I MISS HIGH SCHOOL :(,i really do i miss the people,the teachers,the three stories of steps haa i miss it all.good thing i purchased this 300$ senior Ad. it's worth the Money[by the way that's my senior Ad,peep it!],sometimes i just look at it for hours reminiscing the four years i spent at apopka hs. :( well yeaa that's all.

Jul 29, 2009

this quote is from lil Wayne's song "Misunderstood",when i heard it i couldn't help but post something about it.so haa i went in PsCS3 and made it up.so you can get some kind of visual.This means a lot more than it looks like.It means basically im bright & i have talent,but fuck you if you don't notice it.you do what makes you happy not what anyone else wants. :) just thought I'd post it.btw,listen to that song if you haven't the whole 10 minute version. thankss :)

Jul 28, 2009


where do i start,lmao a crazy night,very crazy i wouldn't have said it any better.i had a blasst hanging with my homie Kadessh & sister Arie & everybody else Happy Birthday Ashley Moss!! :)

What Do you guys think?

So,you look through the cafeteria you see the jocks,Preps,Skaters,Nerds and the creative group,all sitting in different area's,then there's me.You'll Most likely see Me sitting Somewhere New Everyday,with everyone.I'm Shawn and words that describe Me would be outgoing,Unique,creative and somewhat Artistic.I don't start trouble and i love to bring people together,i think i would be a Great Accent to Florida Memorial University in Miami Because of my Upbringing Personality and eagerness to help People.I always try to Get to my destination on time and try to make sure my peers around me get there as well.I am very Determined to finish everything i do even if it's an coloring assignment you count on me to finish with a good attitude to go with it.I'm always looking forward to a better day an brighter day which ever way it may come out i look on the bright-side,i never give in to peer pressure because of my high need to take the high road.i never take anything for granted or anyone for granted.i make mistakes but always try an go back to see what i did wrong so next time i know what to do to make sure i don't make the same mistake.i have set goals and i won't stop until i reach them,I'm always working towards my goal daily,to be a better person and a good role model for my four younger siblings,and anyone else that looks up to me as a role model.I am proud of who i am and who i came to be, i don't regret anything that has happen in my life because it only made me stronger because "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" that always keeps me going and help through hard situation,once again I'm Shawn & I'm a good Candidate for Florida Memorial University!

Jul 27, 2009

Life With Superwoman!

This Isn't My girlfriend or My Cousin,But she is However my best friend,clone and little sister.this girl means so much to me.i know where bests friends because we fight an argue & then become friends again so that's why i decided to dedicate this post to my bestie Daisy! she's awesome & like me in every artistic way there is. Music,Art,Photography & Photoshop! everything about her reminds me of Me some kind of way.so be prepared when she Finally get's a blog spot Follow her! :) i'll keep you up to date.

The Mainee

"Take me back to the sleepless nights,the stupid fights, it doesn't matter who was wrong or who was right."

i love The Maine & if you knew me personally you would understand my obsession over them.I have been following for quite awhile now,before the tours,the photo shoots and the Music Video they pretty much rock.i bought every album on itunes and yeaa I'm now Telling you to bu there album and listen to there music!

Lost HCO Sweater.

Verrry Cold winter i love & miss this HCO Hoodie,one of my Ex's Have it & i really don't know which one haa, so if your reading this can you send it to me.lol thankss.


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Shawn Smith


this is just random stuff so you guys can contact me,if you feel that i have stated something incorrect or anything just let me knoww,but Facebook is by far the best way to reach me.

---right at this very moment im playing Super Mario & looking at theses really nice items on 80spurple.com,make sure you visit there,i just subscribed to my Nylon For guys issues & getting a few recommendation latter's for school.i think i wanna go for photo journalism :) it's my passion right now.i need a new camera for school though uggh.

my phone is still fucked up. :| blahh & this is all just random stuff,really random.i just stole two new cardigan from my mother's storee :) there pretty cool, i get first picks on everything.

Myspace is dead & so is facebook. so yeaa im doing homework haa[my blogg] duhh.
How's your love life Shawn?
my love life woww where do i get started,i been through a lot experienced karma,really bad Karma but im 93% back to normal i few more week ought to get it.don't wanna say her name,but _____ this is my sincere apology to you.I AM SORRY,and i wanna thank you for all you put me through to realize life moves on. :) thankss Daisy :) & Stephanie.i made it through all of this good.well im currently single.and im focused on Miami right now & what i need to do.i keep in touch though.

What are your Plans?
My current plans would be definitely heading to College August and getting the new Furniture urban outfitters have for my dorm! haa.

Do you regret Anything in the pass?
No I don't all is well her maybe a few months ago i would have but I'm glad i made it through good and seen everything come together right before my eyes.

How's Your relationship With your father.
Hmm,the same really,he still doesn't come around much so i mean hoe does he expect it to get better? I'mnot gonna chase him, that's not my place it's his.

Anything new?
Besides all of my new polo's & Jerk Shirts haa no.Oh wait i bought this really nice Heart breaker Iron on from hottopic & finally an Run DMC shirt.!

College Wish List!

Macbook.New Cannon.New Ipod :)

I can See the Light!

"I can See the Light!",life is finally starting to come around a bit.i am making better relationships with the people i have grown to love & starting to see my college life come closer & closer.i am very excited,after my dream clashes of attending school in California state were crushed because of time,i started to let go and loose all hope of ever becoming a college graduate,but now i can see everything coming together quite fast I'll admit.So this Post is definitely dedicated to those of you that help me see the light and i just wanna say thankss :) you guys mean a lot to me.

Family Reunion

this has been thus far one of the best highlights this summer! i had a blast with my family,it was so amazing how everything came togther & ran so smoothy. Being that i was on the Planning comittiee i had a good headstart on everything.well im gonna miss everyone that came down thi year see everyone in 2011!