Jul 28, 2009

What Do you guys think?

So,you look through the cafeteria you see the jocks,Preps,Skaters,Nerds and the creative group,all sitting in different area's,then there's me.You'll Most likely see Me sitting Somewhere New Everyday,with everyone.I'm Shawn and words that describe Me would be outgoing,Unique,creative and somewhat Artistic.I don't start trouble and i love to bring people together,i think i would be a Great Accent to Florida Memorial University in Miami Because of my Upbringing Personality and eagerness to help People.I always try to Get to my destination on time and try to make sure my peers around me get there as well.I am very Determined to finish everything i do even if it's an coloring assignment you count on me to finish with a good attitude to go with it.I'm always looking forward to a better day an brighter day which ever way it may come out i look on the bright-side,i never give in to peer pressure because of my high need to take the high road.i never take anything for granted or anyone for granted.i make mistakes but always try an go back to see what i did wrong so next time i know what to do to make sure i don't make the same mistake.i have set goals and i won't stop until i reach them,I'm always working towards my goal daily,to be a better person and a good role model for my four younger siblings,and anyone else that looks up to me as a role model.I am proud of who i am and who i came to be, i don't regret anything that has happen in my life because it only made me stronger because "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" that always keeps me going and help through hard situation,once again I'm Shawn & I'm a good Candidate for Florida Memorial University!

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  1. That's dope mayne. Pretty straight forward, but shows you're a chill dude.