Jul 30, 2009

First to admit...

uggh,maybe I'll be the first to admit,but im sure a lot of 09' graduates are probably thinking the same thing, so im just gonna spell it out! I MISS HIGH SCHOOL :(,i really do i miss the people,the teachers,the three stories of steps haa i miss it all.good thing i purchased this 300$ senior Ad. it's worth the Money[by the way that's my senior Ad,peep it!],sometimes i just look at it for hours reminiscing the four years i spent at apopka hs. :( well yeaa that's all.


  1. omg your not the first to admit it....i missed it the last day.... its crazy... i really wanna go back.

  2. lol,wow it's crazy i guess it's like since were not going back :| ever.