Jul 18, 2010


hi, i'm the owner of this Joint and im 18 years old. been running this for awhile now, and don't think i'm letting this go no time soon. I use to revolve this blog about fashion and whatnot. but nahhhh im good. this is about me & my life and what i go through, but just a little bit more detailed than my Tumblr. i love blogger.  i recently started my photography and stuff so look out for that, my 19th birthday is in like 3 weeks look out for that too. My life has been crazy though, so thats why im blogging n' shit. keep up!

Jul 16, 2010

The smoke is getting blown, the drinks are getting strong.

 " girl, you say you feel us fading...well me too " 

i miss you blogger. like truly.  My vacation in ATL thus far has been bomb. shopped a little and explored new places. I also met a few cool people.  My 19th Birthday is coming up, like REALLY soon. not quite sure of what im gonna do though. My photography & editing skills have been getting better to. I can't wait to actually set up some shoots when i get home. Well i leave for Chicago July 24th im pretty stoked for thus trip, being the fact that i've never been. 

& i've also been shooting black & white Photographs. There's a meaning behind them, im not just  "doing" it. im just so confused w/ my life right now. no bad confusion just confusion if that makes sense. im not sure if it does.. but i mean yea you guys have to feel me. like i just got out of a relationship and it's like im not even hurt by it. like at all. usually i'd be heart broken, like i thought i was in love and for me to not be hurt and not even think about the pass is weird.... Maybe i just was putting on a front. i thought i liked her though, so who am i to say. butttt now it's like i feel for another person, like a deep feel. im just kinda scared... should i be though like i trust it, i just don't wanna be lied to you know.. girls lie worst than guys sometimes. i guess i'l just play it out and just play my cards don't think much on it. JUST DO IT. you know, like whatever body is telling me. it's just a lot. 

then i feel like my "Friends" are slowly fading off, we don't talk like we use too. i don't like that, in fact i hate that. i wish they'd all just come together and we could all be cool again, you know but maybe thats just wishful thinking?

Thenn it's YOU, like wow. i like you alot.... and you say your digging me too, but im so use just talking to whoever i'm w/ or dating anytime i want. w/ you it's not like that. i don't like it. i feel like there's a limit being put on. then when we do talk it's like a 12:00pm.. i'm about sleeep then. i try & stay up as long as possible, but however it isn't long. i mean i just wish i could talk/text you whenever i want i mean since i can't see you when i want, am i wrong for that? i don't think i am. but then again, now w/ you but with everyone else.. im always wrong...

&&& all the girls that are trying to come back into my life. im good. your fine. we didn't make it for a reason. " people never change " and i learned this the HARD way. so just stay in your lane. for now on.. it's one chance. not going back and trying to fix the past.

-----inspired by Drake's " Im a do it all " . 

Jul 11, 2010

One w/ nature.

heyy, whats going on! i'm defiantly in Atlanta for a couple weeks, i took these photos today,i was very proud myself. this creek is like a two minutes across the street. i had fun doing this shoot. i wish i had some models thoughh. :\. But yea this is me. i guess i'll have to do for now lol.

Jul 9, 2010


smile brighter than the sun

eyelashes are dry, from all the tears that i cried. 
todayy, i went to the mall & bought this shirt :P 
Pacsun i love you.

Jul 8, 2010

follow me on Tumblr. 



want you come over my place, and put a smile on my face.

whoaaa there baby. :P pool side earlier today.

BTW; i Made a tumblr. Follow me.

New Me.

These past few days in Miami have been so hectic! but it's help me out for the better. im now stronger & more focused on life. it feels great to know i have these trips coming up, all in ONE month. i'm stoked. i leave For Atlanta Saturday & Chicago July 23rd ;) 

better news though, I purchased my NEW Nikon D3000 :P so expect more pictures lol. i'm thinking about making an new blog, like a photo blog or something just to show what i can do. or what i've been doing. here's a picture that i took w/ it. 
"real nigga talking, shut the fuck up hoe. " 
i'm in love w/ it though. it takes amazing pictures. i can't wait to take pictures w/ it in Atlanta & Chicago. i'll keep you guys updated though i promise. god is love,:D byee.

Jul 6, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July!

sorry i'm soo late. like two days late. my fourth of July was Amazing. because i was home. i love being around people that i love, it makes me re-think life. if that makes sense lol. well here's a few pictures of how the night went. 
BTW, i have enough money to buy Me a NIKON :D 
this MAY turn into a picture/photography blog lol. 

Happy Fourth Of Julyyy [ Late ]