Jul 8, 2010

New Me.

These past few days in Miami have been so hectic! but it's help me out for the better. im now stronger & more focused on life. it feels great to know i have these trips coming up, all in ONE month. i'm stoked. i leave For Atlanta Saturday & Chicago July 23rd ;) 

better news though, I purchased my NEW Nikon D3000 :P so expect more pictures lol. i'm thinking about making an new blog, like a photo blog or something just to show what i can do. or what i've been doing. here's a picture that i took w/ it. 
"real nigga talking, shut the fuck up hoe. " 
i'm in love w/ it though. it takes amazing pictures. i can't wait to take pictures w/ it in Atlanta & Chicago. i'll keep you guys updated though i promise. god is love,:D byee.

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