Jul 18, 2010


hi, i'm the owner of this Joint and im 18 years old. been running this for awhile now, and don't think i'm letting this go no time soon. I use to revolve this blog about fashion and whatnot. but nahhhh im good. this is about me & my life and what i go through, but just a little bit more detailed than my Tumblr. i love blogger.  i recently started my photography and stuff so look out for that, my 19th birthday is in like 3 weeks look out for that too. My life has been crazy though, so thats why im blogging n' shit. keep up!

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  1. Loving your blog Shawn. You're sucha cutie :) I'd love to see your tumblr page too! (Mine is: wtfmoneftw.tumblr.com) Keep up with the good shit <3