May 16, 2010

Amazingggg. :]

i found this guy on Youtube, he's amazing!
"hotlikebraodway" - look him up!

May 14, 2010

Hmm, Feels like summer to me!

Mannn, life's GREAT! i have some great friends and as my week of summer slowly winds down, and summer school rushes towards me i must say I'm gonna miss you. the beaches, the "exclusive" dinners,bowling, the prank calls, the late nights a Mcdonalds, the random dance sessions, the #Thuglife moments! haha,Walking on water,and ice cream socials i wouldn't have had it any other way.
Vivalashanyce :] i love this girl. 
Olivia,Beebe & i. Random nights in Uptown Altamonte, "walking on water."

This food was amazing!
@Cooliofressh , @Briannadusk , Livie & Kedassh!
My sister! :]
My friends, their Amazing!

i looked ROUGH! 
Dash, the only nigga that has my back!


"bitch i'm amazing"
well, that pretty much includes my week well spent here in orlando, i'll miss everything.
back to miami!

May 9, 2010

This Lady Right HERE!

is my mother. she means the world to me. 

May 2, 2010

Girls in Miami, String Bikini's & Bump Techno!

Beachhhhhhhhhhhhh ROUND2 :) "Hollywood Beach BarbQ." 
Ammmzinggggg :) 
Yesterday, i went to hollywood Beach in Miami Fl. f'n GREAT. in Miami there's never not a beach day. welp here's a few pictures that were taken. not by me though ;) Enjoy.

:) yes, i had on jeans lol. but idc!

these are just a couple of the AMAZING people that i hung out with, i met A LOT of cool people yesterday, everybody was just so chill & welcoming!

"im just a kid, livin' the dream."

i attempted to do a handstand, well.... it went wrong! lol

some take his picture, so i won't forget him. i wish i had my Polaroid, so i could remember.
but to yea, yesterday was a BLAST, and i'm glad i went. Summer2010 :) 

May 1, 2010

Beachin' it.

Yesterday i went to South Pointe Beach miami, Just thought i'd share a few pictures.