May 2, 2010

Girls in Miami, String Bikini's & Bump Techno!

Beachhhhhhhhhhhhh ROUND2 :) "Hollywood Beach BarbQ." 
Ammmzinggggg :) 
Yesterday, i went to hollywood Beach in Miami Fl. f'n GREAT. in Miami there's never not a beach day. welp here's a few pictures that were taken. not by me though ;) Enjoy.

:) yes, i had on jeans lol. but idc!

these are just a couple of the AMAZING people that i hung out with, i met A LOT of cool people yesterday, everybody was just so chill & welcoming!

"im just a kid, livin' the dream."

i attempted to do a handstand, well.... it went wrong! lol

some take his picture, so i won't forget him. i wish i had my Polaroid, so i could remember.
but to yea, yesterday was a BLAST, and i'm glad i went. Summer2010 :) 

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