Dec 31, 2009

Friends, How Many Us Have Them ?

This Holiday Break has been awesome, as im waiting on my mother to bring foood i decided to post pictures of my past few days with my friends.. Mann they've been awesome. My friends are my life back here in orlando. everything about them makes me smile & laugh. Kedash.Regina.Beebe. & everyone else. i love you guyss man. I'm really happy that i met you guys. 2009 wouldn't have been the same without you! even though you guys fight non-stop. :| your still my homies! here's a few pictures that i promised . seeeya!

Woww, i knoww crap loads of pics, theses are some of my friends though. i had a blast though.! ;) 

Dec 28, 2009

iPhone post :)

First post using my itouch ha (: hi !

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No, I'm NOT sorry, and i don't regret SHIT.

2009 has been one of the most life changing years yet. So many things have impacted life, & friends. I have met alot of cool people this year and i want to take this post yo thank all of you guys. You guys help me through a lot. i even wanna thank the people that didn't make it to this point my life as well your here for a reason. Thank you all. Thank you Blank for helping me realize that everything and anything is possible. I'm not sorry for anything and i don't regret shit.  everything happens for a reason.

Dec 23, 2009

Time of my life. - Holidays so far.

Wowww, Since school has been out it's been crazy . Really crazy- so i decided to just post pictures & just tell the event here we goooo!

skyppe :] with Regina , we've been hanging out atelase evry other day & i wouldn't have it any
her & Kedassh aree Awesome .

Then  she crashed my house & f'd up my cake. that worked hard on it. :|

Swaggg surfin' :)

but thennn yeaa i drove myself to the Emergency Room - yeaa sad story but i'm better thank god, with minor problems, but thank GOD! :)

Me & Kloee.


Happy Holidayss!!

Happy Holidays
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Dec 11, 2009

Last Night At Florida Memorial University This Year.

i was pretty boredd. btw; follow me on Twitter. :) 
Yeaa, this is how im spending my last night at Florida Memorial University in 2009, taking web cam pictures & skypingg a blasst huh?! can't wait to return to Orlando tomorrow morning.. im gonna miss my barber. *Sigh

Dec 9, 2009

Jack Johnsonn

yeaaa he's pretty awesome.

Dec 6, 2009

AKA Probate Show ;)

soo last night was pretty interesting, the AKA Probate show went on, i only got one digital picture. the other's where polaroids! ;)

They did pretty good! Congrats!

Dec 3, 2009

&& Then It Begins!

The Holidayss Are Near! :]
&& i'm pretty much ready, all the Family,Food,Friends **Cough Cough(giftsss)** Couggh. ;]
New Layout! from yours truly Homework!

Dec 1, 2009

Favoriteeee Quote !

"December 1st

I'm in a foreign state, I'm running late

I'm all alone, wishing I was home with you baby

She's got her way of making things okay when she's not around

When she's not around I'm going crazy

We like to talk about the plans we make

And things we say

When we're together I hope for better weather this year

But you my dear need to know

This year I want you alone "