Dec 31, 2009

Friends, How Many Us Have Them ?

This Holiday Break has been awesome, as im waiting on my mother to bring foood i decided to post pictures of my past few days with my friends.. Mann they've been awesome. My friends are my life back here in orlando. everything about them makes me smile & laugh. Kedash.Regina.Beebe. & everyone else. i love you guyss man. I'm really happy that i met you guys. 2009 wouldn't have been the same without you! even though you guys fight non-stop. :| your still my homies! here's a few pictures that i promised . seeeya!

Woww, i knoww crap loads of pics, theses are some of my friends though. i had a blast though.! ;) 


  1. u guys remind me of my crazy frinds lol looks like u guys have alot of fun good for u...