Jan 6, 2010

Random Thoughts . . . . . .

" & now i want you i can feel it in my heartbeat . "
" I wanna wake up I.Y.A "
hmm, i need to go to the mall and traget to get an iron, and some of thoes cupcakes..
i'm listning to "Graffiti" - Chris Browns New album
CRAWL!, til we can walk again.
- I'm eating biscuits, bacon & eggs.
Need to go to Thrifty Couture.
Transformm Yaaa
i have to talk my grandmother to the grocery store. OH JOY!
just came from the store, bought my granddad some ciggarette's.
haaa im bored, i tried to upload pcis.. they all FAILED!

wellll, this time it worked lol.

Don't remind me, i need a haricut lol. welll guysss.
Goodbye, Goodnight,Goodmorning, where ever you
are, Much love - Homework!

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