Aug 6, 2009

Birthday Wishes!

Yea, so yesterday went pretty well.i got lots of surprises throughout the day.They all were pretty Magnificent to no complaining there.The bowling alley was pretty fun but between all the excitement i forgot i had my camera in my pocket til afterwards. :| but thanks to Ayana & here GREAT! camera she happen to catch some of the excitement.haa well even though i lost to both games, i still managed to have fun thanks to everyone that showed up.haa i even met a new friend and she's quite the cool one. ;) well yea i also want to thank my mom & sister's for there birthday cards as well! but my sister Shania for time & effort.[supposedly] she lost her card before i came & she had to make a new one & i loved it thanks sister i love you! even though we fight & everyday!here's the card.

it really meant a lot.& yea once again thanks everyone!

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