Aug 2, 2009

Lasst Night!

Whooa there buddy, i had a blasst with my friends Beebe & Olivia Jones! there a pretty awesome pack.this is what we did.

first off we went to blockbuster to rent couple of movies but was slightly distracted by that horrific smell that greeted us at the door,omg it was like an old,very old fart ha.but between Olivia dancing through every isle through blockbuster or the smell i don't know which one was more hilarious,so we ended up renting "The Eye" and "The duplex" to great movies :D.

Then we went to McDonald for ice cream but apparently there machine breaks at 11:00pm every night.sureee. :| and i was crazy for some Ben & Jerry's all day every since Ayana brought it up late yesterday night.everything was close so blahh no icre cream for us.

so then we finally made it back her house i ate my 10piece nuggets and fries and of course my large sweet tea! while me & Olivia made Beebe's mom a card for being taxi last night! thankss again was pretty nice we didn't have any crayons so we used Pen :] and notebook paper lol.

lol,by the time it was 12:00am we finally settled down to watch the movies theeeeen lol we realized that blockbuster forgot to take off the security [so pissed] so i called blockbuster to tell them Shawn:"hey,what's up Danial this is Shawn,the black guy with the really nice swagg :]" Daniel:"oh, yea i remember you!" being so serious! lol i was like..blahh then he told us how to take it of we had to cut open the case with a knife.we were at it for at lease 10minutes then i finally cut it open.BAM! it was about 12:15am then..i fell asleep haa :) didn't even get 30minutes into the movie!

funny right?


  1. bahahaha, I love our adventures, we the mother frickin bestttttt :]

    p.s. "its smells like strait up fart but in here!!"

  2. omgg so did i, we had a freaking blasst too bad no pictures :|