Nov 30, 2009

Thanksgiving breakkk. :]

Okayyyy, i was planning on having thiss HUGGE thanksgiving post, butt yeaaa not really. lol. but overall i had a really chilll thanksgiving, kinda just hung out with grandmother was home from the hospital so that's always good! :] i love her. thanks everyone for all of your prayers. i didn't eat much at all. which is good i guess. lol. but then again im Really skinny soo yeaa .i did however make friends with my sister arie again, much needed. i realized that thanksgiving is for family and friends and i'm glad everything worked out like it did. here's a few picss. :]

-Cousin Guysen's Super Bowl Game Undefeated season! They Won!

he's the one with the blue shirt on, the small one. GOOD JOB!

Theeeeen we decided to throw a bonfire " party" :) it went pretty swell.

Haaaa, i tried to be like Micheal Jackson, Hmm didn't really work out much at all.
I like channel earrings, what can i say. - Coronation gift from grandmother!
"Wellllp, that's all folks! "- Bugs Bunny

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