Nov 4, 2009


As im sitting here eating my main college source of food (Roman Noodles) i wa sthinking about my life, it's been overall good.A few mistakes here and there but who hasn't? Well today i was "suppose" to be packing to head for orlando,as you guys know i live in miami now for school. well once a f'n gain. my father dissapoints me. i think to myself i should be use to this. Countless birthdays,christmas,prom(s),Coronation,first day of college ect. your'e probaly now thinking "he's a fool" but nahh. He's my father. i have no choice but to love him. He makes it so hard for me to do so thoughhh. I ask myself each time why do you have to lie to? You haven't done anything for me since elementry school. You could atlease do this one thing,Just pick me up from school and drive me back home. Better yet, i didn't even ask you Voulenteered.Your just making it harder for me to trust and love you as a father. you were great as my father when i was a child. now i can't even get five dollars to get a meal from mcdonalds. "/ im just tiredof your dissapointments.

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