Aug 14, 2011

Watch The Throne Review.

It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed. This album is BEYOND fucking amazing. Kanye & Jay did freaking spectacular. I bought it a few days before the actual release date on iTunes. Ye’ has came so far. If you guys haven’t got this album I suggest you do, very, very soon! I give this album 5 stars. The only song i don’t enjoy as much as the others is “joy”. 

Watch The Throne top Songs
  • Why I love you
  • Lift Off
  • Nigga’s In Paris
  • New day
  • Made in America 
The reason why, Why I love you is MY favorite is because of the amazing message and message it displays. It shows how close Ye’ and Jay are.  Lift off Is just amazing because of Beyonce’s chorus amazing, she’s such an amazing artist. Nigga’s In Paris gets me so hype! I love it aha. New Day Is great because it shows the soft side of Ye’ and he shows that he knows he’s an asshole and he know he has down some wrong. it’s always great to show people that you’re wrong and that you’ve changed. Made in America is dope because of Frank Ocean. I will do a post on him sometime this week.