Aug 14, 2011

Friends over lovers.

Well. last night was CRAY! (meaning crazy;mostly known by avid Watch The Throne Listeners)
Well me & this girl had been friends for a while now. She’s amazing. She’s smart, funny and all of that. I like her ONLY as a friend though. :/ and unfortunately she liked me more. This tends to happen to me a lot, it’s crazy..but yeah, I;m gonna take it back to a couple nights ago. She had told me that she like due more than a friend. ( not to mention, she has said this before, a few months ago) I told her that I didn’t see her like that. She took it “well”. People tend to have different ways of making themselves feel better, I guess her was bashing me on Twitter and Facebook, without quite using my name..However I knew it was bout me. I let it slide, the next morning i sent her a text.. “ I don’t think we should continue our friendship” she flipppppped. I thought this was what was good for us. She kindly asked me to explain myself, I told her i would call her sometime tonight and we would talk.. so about 9:30 that nigh, she sent me a text asking if I could call her now, I told her i couldn’t. I was busy. She then told me NOT to call her at all anymore. I said “cool”. Then thats when she started cursing me out.. it was crazy. I could’t believe her character. She steadily said “fuck you, BITCH” “Pussy” "FUK U”. Also calling our friendship, “fake”.

I couldn’t believe it. well yeah we’re not friends anymore. So I guess it’s a good thing. 


  1. The difficult issues with friends, especially the opposite sex are very common! You are very young, but you'll see that it'll come hard feelings a thousand times in your life.
    Baby you're amazing. I will define it in two words: STYLE AND BEAUTY....Don´t worry!
    Nice to meet you;)

  2. thank you!! That really means lot. I appreciate your opinion.