Aug 21, 2010

The Man on The Moon

Hello everyone! it's been so long! my life has been pretty hectic. i've bee doing my photography thing so i've been quite the busy bee! i'm back from my vacations. i've decided to attend AI in Atlanta so i will be moving soon! like the end of Sept. im 19 years old now and im doing things w/ my life. i have rooted out all the non-supporters in my life including my own mother. it's depressing but it's life and i have no choice but to deal with it. i'm still obsessed with drakes new album! i'm waiting on Kanye's though. if you wanna reach me here's my flickr  here's my twitter as well 

feel free to contact me :) 
here's a few pictures i've taken! 

Model : Shamika 
Location: Apopka fl.

Model : Brittany Warren 
Location : Orlando fl.

okay i'm not gonna post many pictures on here. 
but other than that my life has been quite the life. it's been interesting.. very. i'd love to see who's in my life in a few more months!

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