Oct 27, 2009

My Teenage Life As A College Student.

All pictures are from last weeek & last night! Dig in! :D
Updates i was bored so i decided to have a "ghetto" photoshoot lmao.

yeaaaaa, lol i was really bored & i realized that my camera takes some "okay" pictures hmm. thats good i think it could actually last me awhile, atlease til christmas.Hopefully.

Thisss is on of my NEWFOUNDLOVES,Coldstone. "Creamy Vanilla with spinkles." - nohomo lmao, but this shxXt is awesomme!

Theses Two Young Lad's would be my college friends.they've always got my back no matter what, :D and that's why they get a spot on my blog although they'll never read it lmao unless i tell them but yeaa it's gonna be here for a longgggggg time. Kapeesh?!


  1. yeaaaa, i know :) i love my self.