Oct 25, 2009


john Legend- he's amazing;His lyrics are great, everything has a meaning to it & you can relate to just about anything to his music,All the way back to ordinary people.Keep it up john legend.
"i try not to fall for make believe,but what is reality?".

that's one of my favorite quotes from his song "show me" and that has a good meaning to it as well.

The Maine-There great anyone that knows me, knows im there biggest fan! (: there f'n awesome.i was just telling my roomate a few minutes ago that im a stalker. haaa.
"Your in love with love, your not in love with him."

ahhhhh (:
the famous quote i said to a few people, a few times.lol basically it means you don't love me, you love, love. point blank.

thoes are songs that inspire me, here's the people.

Mother- i f'n loveeee you! your practically my everything.you give me hope that there's a tommorrow.you but me things that make me happy. your the greatest.

Gradmother-wowwwwwwwwwwww..Your the best grandmother a kid could ask for.i don't tell you how much i love you but i do. your amazing. i miss your grits,eggs,fried ham & toast. i miss when you call on me to do things and the ugly faces that i make and the misunderstood words i say under my breath & the
" i know ya hear meh."

when i don't reply.haaa i miss MY chair in your room when we sit and talk everynight before i went to sleep and when i complained to you how people would annoy the crap out of me.

father-you haven't been in my life much at all, but believe it or not your probaly one of my biggest inspirations, my goal is to not go down the same path, be great like the person you wanted to be.

Velle/Shanyce|Daisyy- F'n wowww. we been going through it since high school. we don't talk as much but you are my gardian angel,my heart gaurd and my twin! were just alike. we even think alike. you helped me through practically everything...from the girls that broke my heart or the hearts i broke, to school. i love you, and i miss the words
"you can do better"

even though it dosen't seem like much but your the reason why my standards are so high when it comes to realtionships thanks alot! :)

I just want to thank everyone that is in my life at this given moment, thanks everyone! your truley appriciated.

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