Oct 17, 2009

"A Royal Fairytale"

first off coronation "/ was f'n awesome. but all of my pictures got deleted on mistake out of my cannon. which pretty much sucked. i do have a few though & as i promised i would post some!being that i wa sin Royal Court haaa so much special treatment :). it was uhhhh-AMaaaazinggG! this wa smy date "Mrs.Freshman".

this wa sthe full royal court, everything went Awesome though. i was a tad bit nervous but yeaa. it was my First coronation & truley not my last!

The wholeee them of coronation was "A Royal Fairytale" & they did a great job! i was amused the whole time & just awe'd by the decorations.

&& this happens to be the queeen of Florida Memorial Univerty Miss. Ebony F. Johnson!

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