Apr 23, 2010

Life. Sweet Dream, or Beautiful Nightmare.

Life. Sweet Dream, or Beautiful Nightmare. 
& i hope it rains, your the Perfect lullaby.
i wanna take this time to Welcome all of my new followers, it really means alot to me that you guys still took the time to check out my blog...while i was gone on a break, i just needed some to to myself. i really missed it though. if you follow me on twitter, you'll know then haha. well. Life has been CRAZY this past month. did a lot of stuff. i Met New people & Went to Walt Disney World. it was GREAT. no lines. we went to ALL the parks, thats whats made it fun! The Semester is Almost over. just a couple weeks left. i'm stoked! but im staying in miami for the summer. ;) well here's a few flicks & stuff, you know "since i've been gone."
this was before Splash Mountain. - most boring ride ever. i hated it.

Davis & Patrickkk, haha my nigga! follow him @ibepatrick

Rockin' Roller Coaster, it was the BEST ride, nice take off!

the Tree of life, At Animal Kingdom, not a good picture. 

& Of course, ME. :] after splash Mountain, i was soaked. 

:] overall the disney trip was spectacular. 
BBL, Thanks!

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