Mar 16, 2010

A M A Z I N G - Champion .

" when you see clothes, close your eye lids " 
Springg break - was pretty cool, even though i didn't hang out with everyone i would i have wanted to, i still had a blast. here are a few pictures that i took of my last night in orlando, till Next week. and PEEP the pink polo i think it looked nice. ;).We ended up with one of the most random night EVER Dennys,Downtown Orlando,Walmart & steak N Shake. & BTW; yea i made it back to Miami safely and as soon as i touched down, we rushed to south beach. it was amazing.

thiss was at the BP gas station, when they forgot my pump number, suckers.
Raquel, she's amazing and soo funny, she replaced one of our OLD friends that night.

i was happy AF, when my homie dash came out, my TRUE dawg. Fo' life!

That crazy white girl, that i can't get enough of :D we go BACKKKK.

@ Denny's , :] cause' were the shitttt. 

"i don't know why i need a stylist when i shop so much, i can speak italian."
&& then when i finally got back to miami, after my Train being delayed for an hour & 15 minutes, i headed out to south south beach, pretty beast!
& that was the END of my night. 

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